Series Points & Sutures; All in a Good Day of Motocross!

Sid decided he needed to hit the very last motocross race of the year (probably the last one anywhere), even though it was outside of the series we normally follow.  If you know me (and my motherly overprotectiveness), then you know I went through my usual ritual of praying for Sid’s safety, as well as the safety of the other riders.  I generally pray on the way to the track, I pray under my breath before and during each moto, and I give tremendous amounts of thanks each time we make it through another one unscathed.  Something tells me I should have extended those prayers to the spectators that day also.

While waiting for Sid’s first moto, I was picking on Emily (out of fun, naturally).  CF decided to join in, and managed to corral her into an arm lock.  She wiggled to get away, but just as she did… BAM, her forehead went right into the skinny, outside edge of our trailer door.  She immediately grabbed her forehead, as the blood ran down her face.

One peek at her eyebrow, and there was no doubt in my mind where we were going next!  We iced the cut, and kept firm pressure on it until the apparent faucet in her eyebrow had at least slowed to a trickle.  Face wounds generally bleed pretty good.

Sid was obviously concerned for his sister but, unfortunately, it was time for him to head over to the starting gate.  I could tell it bothered him to leave, as he knew she was hurt.  We stuck around for his first moto, and then headed off to the local hospital.

I asked my darling husband if he had an insurance card on him, as I had misplaced mine some time ago.  Just as he shook his head, “No”, my father-in-law stepped forward and said, “I have an insurance card, it’s Blue Cross!”  As he reached for the wallet in his back pocket, I quickly acknowledged, “Well that’s great, Blue Cross would be wonderful, (and with an “OH SHUCKS” kind of look on my face I went on to say…) but since she’s not covered on your policy, I’m afraid we won’t be able to use it.”  🙂   I think he’s still perplexed by this, LOL.

On the way to the ER, I called the hospital where I work, and asked them to fax my insurance information over; they were glad to help.  The staff in the ER was so very kind, and the atmosphere of the small-town hospital reminded me a lot of the one I work in.  And, although we did have to wait a bit for the local church to let out, and consequently for the on-call doctor to check his messages, we were still back at the races within the next hour, sporting 6 new stitches through Emily’s eyebrow.


Sid was just finishing his 2nd moto when returned to the track.  I was touched, seeing the first thing he did was drop off his bike and check on his sister.

Annie was happy to see her return too!

Although it wasn’t Sid’s greatest day on record for finishes, he thoroughly enjoyed the track and his time on it.  He finished out the season with nary and injury, and will score an award for 3rd place in points (in his race class) at our motocross series banquet.  The photo of him below, taken by our series photographer/moto minister, will be one of 13 featured in the 2013 series calendar.  I believe I will call this season a success!

Sid is “Mr August” in the 2013 series calendar.

~As always, thanks so much for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Series Points & Sutures; All in a Good Day of Motocross!

  1. I’m glad Em wasn’t hurt any worse and it’s good to hear she’s healing nicely! Isn’t it wonderful when you have a GOOD experience in an emergency room? I’m quite sure that’s the kind of care you give your patients, Baby Sister.

    I can’t wait to see “Mr. August”… please let me know how I can order a calendar. 🙂


  2. I’m very happy her injury wasn’t any worse too, and her cut is healing quite nicely :-). I forgot to mention in the post how she tried to convince me she didn’t need stitches; she was sure she “would heal just fine without them.” This was before she looked in the mirror, of course. Who would have guessed that a trailer door would send us to the ER? I’m still quite thankful that we didn’t have any trips there with Sid :-).

    I already have a calendar ordered for you, just waiting to hear when they’ll be in. Thanks, Big Sister!


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