One Lovely Blog

One Lovely Blog AwardI have a major spring in my step today, as I have been presented the “One Lovely Blog” award by one of my newest blogger friends, The Cheeky Diva!  This hip and happenin’ fellow Nebraskan appears to have more in common with me than just geography; I hope you’ll check out her blog and see if you don’t agree.

In accepting this award, I must state 7 random facts about myself; here goes…

1.  I’m a HOOKER, of rugs that is.  One of my favorite pastimes is attending hooking socials and making primitive wool rugs (not to be confused with latch-hooking).  A couple examples of my work are below.

2.  I am the mother of two amazing kids, born 14 months apart (to the day), both on their due dates, and both on a Sunday.  Their birthdays both fall on the 12th day of different months.  They were, however, born in different centuries (1999 and 2000).

3.  My husband and I have been friends since kindergarten; his mother was our kindergarten teacher :-).

4.  I am a chronic planner and list-maker.  Nobody was more shocked than myself that I made it through an “impromptu” family vacation recently; no planning whatsoever… egad!  (I still managed to make a list of items to pack).

5.  I love and appreciate musical talent.  Stringed instruments are my favorite (guitar, banjo, fiddle); add a great voice to the mix and I AM SO THERE!  Since I pretty much suck at all of these talents, I am in awe of those who don’t.

6.  I sang karaoke once.  I had a LOT of liquor.

7.  I think personalized license plates are cool.  If I had them for my Jetta they would say POSVW. (For the acronym challenged, that’s “Piece of $hit Volkswagon”).

Having been honored with the One Lovely Blog award, I now have the esteemed pleasure and duty of nominating others whom I believe have One Lovely Blog.  Please check them out!