Answering the Call of The Village People; a short story

My darling husband, CF, wears many hats with his job.  Officially, he is the Village Maintenance Supervisor.  Being the only employee on the payroll, with the exception of the Village Clerk, he essentially supervises… himself.  He maintains the town on many levels.  He is the municipal water and sewer operator, he maintains all village-owned property (mowing, weeding, watering), including the baseball and football fields, two parks with playgrounds and restrooms.  He repairs village equipment, streets, water and sewer lines.  In a nutshell, his 40-hour a week job keeps the town clean and running smooth.  He is on-call 24/7, and those calls can range from, “I’ve got sewage in my basement” to “My water pipe broke in the freezing cold, and it’s forming an iceberg under my trailer that’s fixin’ to lift it off it’s foundation” (that really did happen).

Just yesterday, he received a phone call from a “concerned citizen”.  This lady was upset that her neighbor’s two dogs had escaped from their fenced-in backyard, and were now running amuck all about the town.  She went on about how they ran through her yard, and her neighbor’s also; and she was kind enough to voice her great concern for the dogs welfare.  The sudden “concern” for these two dogs was spreading throughout the neighborhood.  So, not wanting to disappoint the village people, CF put on his dog-catcher hat and hopped in his truck.

These two dogs were quite friendly; this he knew because our kids had helped care for them this summer.  He also knew they loved to play with toys.  He stopped by the home of the escaped dogs, picked up one of the squeaky toys from their backyard, and headed down the street in his pickup, in search of the escapees.   Driving through town, he made the most annoying noise that only a dog could love.  SQUEEK, SQUEEK, SQEEEEEEEK!!!  

He had not driven even 4 blocks when he noticed in his rear-view mirror, the black dog running behind the pickup; the white dog was not far behind.  He continued to drive, squeezing the squeaky toy until he arrived at their home.  CF tossed the toy inside the fence, and the dogs pursued the prize; running  back into the yard from which they had escaped.  CF reinforced the board they had knocked out and did a quick inspection of the fence to make sure the two neighborhood marauders would not be carousing about town again.

And once again, The Village People were happy.   The end.


16 thoughts on “Answering the Call of The Village People; a short story

  1. Somehow this delights me best that CF, being a gentle bear of a husband, took the time to put the hat of a dogcatcher on, managed to diffuse the upset of the “concerned citizen” with great finesse, and cleverly outwitted the two escapee’s, and secured them in their backyard, doing a little fence repair. This rough/tough man of yours has a heart of gold. Nice post… and a great reminder to do our very best in all situations!

    PS: If I were an outside dog, I’d be escaping all of the time! Don’t you know it is a dog’s greatest adventure to run free??!!


    • Oh Big Sister, your comment delights me so, and you really know CF so well! Only a dog lover such as he, would know how to outwit those wet-nosed teddy bears so quickly, am I right? :-). And I can’t thank you enough for re-blogging my post, it means so much to me that you would share it with your loyal followers. Have the most wonderful day, Big Sister!


  2. The picture above of CF holding the toy out of his truck made me laugh…..initially I thought he was trying to bribe the dogs with his lunch!


    • Thank you, Mike! Yes, it could just as well have been his lunch, those two lovable hounds would follow you anywhere if they thought it would gain them “any” sort of attention, LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by today!


  3. I am an old neighbor who lived across the street from littlesundog. I moved to another city to be closer to my kids. It’s great to read the musings of people in their day to day events. Love the stories.


    • Thank you, Regina! I remember visiting with you, when you & my sis were neighbors :-). Good for you, making that move to be closer to family! Not a day goes by that I don’t wish littlesundog and I lived closer together… MUCH closer ;-). I am so glad you stopped by today; I appreciate your kind comments. Have a great day, Regina!


  4. As a resident of another small town in our rural neighborhood (and knowing your sweet DH personally), I loved reading this story. Too often those “concerned” neighbors are a pain, but obviously your honey is a people person as well as a dog lover and everybody ended up safe and happy. :o)


    • My DH does seem to be popular with the town’s people, which I suppose is why they feel so “comfortable” approaching him, LOL! Our little towns sure do have their share of silly chaos, but at least it keeps things interesting :-). I’m so glad you stopped by, and thanks for dropping me a line; I love hearing from you!!


  5. That’s a great story – and in stark contrast to my adventure of calling our city to figure out a problem with a tax bill at my employer. Three phone numbers, two form letters, and a few days on, I’m not anywhere near getting results. I think your town’s response scheme is better… (By the way, I came here via your your sister’s lovely blog.)


    • Sid, thank you so much for visiting, and for your comment. I have to smile when I sit back and see how “simple” things are done in our small town; the village board meetings are downright entertaining at times :-). But at the same time, I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have very few hoops to jump through here, and there’s never any question exactly who it is you need to talk to in getting things done. And I’m so thankful to my sister for sending her loyal readers my way by reblogging my latest post, it’s wonderful to hear from you. By the way, my son’s name is Sid too!


    • Thank you so much! I too though he was quite clever to think of grabbing one of their toys, I’m sure I wouldn’t have thought of it :-). I like your comment, “It’s the little things in life that make it great, isn’t it?”, you are absolutely right! That is so much of why I love living in a small town, it’s the “simple” things that make you laugh. Thanks for stopping by, your comment is much appreciated!


  6. Hi “groovylove,”

    I came across your blog thru your sister’s and I am impressed as a first-time visitor. Why? I can tell that you love your husband and you are not shy about letting other’s know that. I am also in a long time relationship and coming up on my 40th anniversary with the love of my life and my best friend (both one and the same).

    I live in a rural area of southern Virginia and am also used to the small town friendliness so I feel that we have a few things in common. I WILL be back to visit!


    • Your comments just made my day, on both my blog and my sister’s! What nice things you’ve said, I thank you much! I’m a girl who wears her heart upon her sleeve, and as you can see, my family means everything to me. My better half (of almost 17 years) is my best friend too; and he’s the most incredible husband and father. Our two kids are amazing, and make us so very proud (I suppose that’s why I’m often writing about them) :-). And you nailed it with my sister and I. Although she’s the oldest of 5, and I’m the youngest, we’ve always been incredibly close. Visiting her little corner of the world is so comforting and relaxing; I wish I could go there more often. Thank goodness we have the internet, it allows me to take a peek into her daily happenings when I can’t be there in person as often as I like.
      I’ve never been to Virginia, or anywhere even close to there; I hope to change all that someday. I’m a traveler by heart, although you’ll see not with air travel (if you’ve read some of my latest work, LOL); I would love to travel the states… and beyond! Maybe some day I’ll make it into your little corner of the world!


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